I work very hard to plan things. But most of my plans fail. Why?

Kapil Chaudaha0 Comments

Because you try very hard. Trying very hard simply means it must happen. Remember all plans are tentative. No matter how precisely and perfectly done. And if a plan has multiple steps, then its failure is almost inevitable. If one step fails, the rest fall out of place. It is like you have to visit a place. No through train is available. You chalk out a detailed plan: at such and such place you will leave one train and catch another; likewise, there is a whole series of connected trains. Then, the first train gets late and lo…!
Do not plan too much. It does not mean being casual or non-serious about things. Just be spontaneous. Try to live life consciously so that you are fully and totally present to deal with things. Planning is a type of defense mechanism, spontaneous living is very dangerous. Choose the latter. Feel the adventure of life.

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