Members’ Experience


प्रेम दुनिया का सबसे अनमोल तोहफ़ा है । प्रेम ने मेरे स्वभाव को बदलने में बहुत साथ दिया है । मैंने प्रेम के रास्ते में जब से चलना प्रारम्भ किया है तब से मुझे कष्ट और दुख ही मिले हैं, परन्तु साथ में आनंद भी प्राप्त हुआ है । प्रेम के मार्ग में अपनी प्रेमिका से नफ़रत भी हुई है पर प्रेम ने मुझे उस नफ़रत से उबारा है । अस्तित्व ने मुझे कभी सुख कभी दुख के माध्यम से प्रेम करना सिखाया है । प्रेम से मिली स्वतंत्रता को मैं अपनी प्रेमिका को दे पाता हूँ । प्रेम एक सागर है जिसमें हर नदी आ कर मिलती है । प्रेम को समझना आसान नहीं होता । लेकिन अस्तित्व ने मुझे उसको समझने में मदद की है । मैं प्रेम रूपी सागर में डूबना चाहता हूँ ।


The difference between what we pretend and we are is brought up in “Astitva”. It inspires me to be a better person. All it taught me is to know myself. Yes, I’m not perfect and no one is perfect, but what is important is to learn who you are and to accept yourself. Although it hasn’t made any major change in my life, but at least made me aware of my right or wrong activities and betterment lies in the acceptance of truth.


ध्यान और प्रेम की श्रंखला की कड़ी में जुड़ने के लिए कला की भी अहम भूमिका है । जो एक स्वर ॐ से शुरू होकर, मौन और परम शांति की ओर ले जाती है । संगीत के द्वारा भी मैंने अपने जीवन को बदलते देखा है । वैसे तो बच्चा गर्भ से ही साँसों के संगीत को सुनना शुरू कर देता है ।
वास्तव में जिसने संगीत की सच्ची साधना की है उसने गहन ध्यान और प्रेम को अनुभव किया है । और दुनिया के लोगों से बहुत कुछ अपने को अलग पाया है । ये अनुभव मेरे जीवन में संगीत के द्वारा आया है । अस्तित्व आश्रम से जुड़कर मैंने संगीत के विविध आयामों को खोजना शुरू किया है । सच है, संगीत के अनंत आयाम हैं जैसे हमारे अस्तित्व के !


Earlier I believed that there were many problems in life and most of them caused stress and it would really take a long time to come out of stress.
But after joining Astitva, I started practicing yoga and meditation. I felt very peaceful. Yog and meditation help us to balance spiritual, emotional, physical and mental requirements and improve our personality. It has also taught me that we should spare some time for the growth of our soul.


I have achieved a new state of my mind through meditation that is free from worries and stresses. I used to get furious very easily and never thought of the beauty of life. But after joining Astitva Ashram, I have realized that my former activities were so insane. Through Astitva, I got to know about real love and meditation. Through meditation, I got enormous peace, calmness, and relaxation. Now I am getting more and more curious to learning from Astitva.


When I came to this institution I was just a machine, a body without soul, totally unaware of everything around us, just like the most of us. But then, during the start of the course, I came in contact with these people and they flooded me with the aesthetic of love and the power of imagination.
And this whole experience changed me in a better way, I learned to get rid of the inertia within us and started realizing that the world is beautiful. And by world, I mean the whole living existence which includes both nature and the living beings.
Also, as I am an artist, I begin to deliver more from the inside, from the lowest point of the gut, from the sheer structure of the soul.


I used to try to find happiness in materialistic things, completely unaware of real joy of life. Therefore, I failed to withstand the stresses and strains of life. But ‘Astitva Ashram’ helped me get out of despair and throw off all kind of negativity through the weapon of meditation. I can say that I have gathered immense positive radiations inside me and have transformed my mental state from disturbed to peaceful. I can say that i have found profound joy through meditation.


Endless churn of thoughts and desires had been tickling me since long until he asked me to discover my true self. ASTITVA made me realize that there is way more to LIFE yet still undiscovered!
Meditating felt like I have a center, and no matter what happens on the outside, the center is always stable. Surprisingly things outside of the center are always happening in a flow, helping me to discover answers I am looking for!
Art never looked so artistic before! Nature never really inspired me before! Love never mesmerized me the same way before! Music is way more melodious now! And lot more…
ASTITVA changed my perspective towards higher and positive way.


“Astitiva” the word itself gives a positive feel. Ashram has given me a new way to see life. “Live in the moment” “Selfless love” “Being yourself” “Be calm” “Be honest to the moment” is what I learnt from Kapil Sir.
I feel my life is totally changed after connecting with him. Whenever I meet this conscious soul, I get a positive energy. I can channelise my energy much better now. I feel so blessed to be a part of this digital ashram! Come, Spread love!

-Shubham B

I made a bridge between two peaks. Now the second peak has started to disappear and bridge remains firm. He told me that the bridge of love is firm enough to stand even without the first peak ‘I’. Just lose yourself to Astitva.
Magic is no word to express it. Relaxation comes by itself now. Intensity takes me closer to it. My life has zeroed in on to a moment. And lot more…This is just a grain of Astitva and a totally different world awaits you. Let us come together in the presence of a Guide and bring it to our lives, again.
If you are reading this, it is an indication enough that THE TIME HAS COME.

-Shubham T

प्रेम और ध्यान शरू से मुझे अपनी ओर आकर्षित करते थे । पर इनका सही अर्थ समझ नहीं पता था । प्रेम मेरे लिए बस प्रेमिका वाला प्रेम होता था, फिल्मी प्रेम । और उम्मीदों से भरा । इसमें हर वक़्त रूठना और मनाना ही होता था । जबकि प्रेम की असली सुंदरता तो कुछ और ही है । इसी प्रकार ध्यान के बारे में भी मेरी सोच सीमित थी । यही समझ थी कि अगर मुसीबत में ध्यान कर लो सब सही हो जायगा ।
अस्तित्व से जुड़ने के बाद प्रेम और ध्यान के असली अर्थ समझ आए । फिर इनकी गहराइयों में उतर कर रहस्यों के ख़जाने मिलने शुरू हुए ! आनंद की फुहार से जीवन खिल उठा ! इस फुहार से प्राणों की प्यास कुछ बुछ गई और कुछ बढ़ गई । और पहली बार जाना कि प्रेम की प्यास में भी कितनी तृप्ति है !


प्रेम में उतरना मेरे जीवन की सबसे सुन्दर घटना है । जब मैंने यात्रा शुरू की तब सब कुछ अनिश्चित था । फूल और काँटों का कोई हिसाब न था । कहीं मार्ग बहुत सरल हो जाता, तो कहीं बहुत कठिन । हर बढ़ते क़दम के साथ भविष्य धुंधला दिखाई दे रहा था । उससे जुड़े हुए सपने भाप बनते जा रहे थे । मैं ये नहीं कह रहा कि मैं इनसे मुक्त हो गया हूँ, पर मेरा बोझ ज़रूर हल्का हो गया है ।
जितनी मात्रा में मैं प्रेम से भर पाता हूँ उतनी ही स्वतंत्रता मैं ख़ुद के और दूसरों के प्रति भी महूसस कर पाता हूँ । प्रेम-पथ से मिले दुख ने भी मुझे उतना ही बदला है जितना की सुख ने । इसके बाद ही मैं अधिकार और स्वतंत्रता के बीच का अंतर समझ पाया हूँ । मुझे बदलने में मेरे गुरु का और मेरी प्रेमिका का सबसे बड़ा हाथ है । प्रेम-मार्ग से मिली शांति की एक बून्द मुझे अस्तित्व के बहुत क़रीब ले आती है । मैं जितना इसमें डूब पाता हूँ उतना ही ख़ुद को अस्तित्व की गोद में छोड़ पाता हूँ ।


Today, I am positive and confident that no one can harm me as ASTITVA is always there with me.
I don’t know when and how it happened. I just kept on meditating. Initially it was difficult, I had to put in a lot of efforts. There were times when I wanted to give up, when I strived for something, didn’t get it and become angry and restless. but I NEVER GAVE UP. I just kept on meditating, kept on believing. Thoughts came and went but I tried watching them. And all of a sudden one day I was able to experience the silence within for a few minutes, and that was it! From that moment onwards things became easy and my belief stronger.
Happiness surrounds me even during the “bad” times because I give all my worries to ASTITVA. I myself handled my growth in finding myself. I started to keep a constant watch on myself, on my every activity, even as I am writing now.
I have accepted myself and people around me and my most of the problems have simply disappeared.
This journey of finding myself never ends. I just meditate and every day becomes a new experience.


My experience with Astitva has been rejuvenating, because it has helped my spirit to calm down. Now I have become aware of my faults and this self-awareness has helped me to get over these faults.
Earlier I would lose all hope and be reluctant to recover the progress and stand up again. Astitva has really helped me realize that we’re Real beings, not Ideal ones and that Rome was not built in a day.


Being a part of the Astitva Asharam has been a refreshing experience. It has helped me realise my capabilities. It has helped me explore myself. There was always a fuss in my mind, meditation has helped me in calming that cyclone .
I have realised that the most difficult person to live with is myself. And now the task is to enjoy my own company, which I can see myself accomplishing with Astitva.


Meditation has a ton of benefits. We are all bombarded with distractions all day. Meditation helps me to relax my mind and to remain calm even in the stress. It has made me more productive. First it seemed difficult to sit in silence and do nothing at all. But with time, I actually started enjoying silence around me.
To me Astitva Ashram is a beautifully illustrated passageway to spiritual growth and inner peace. I got my answers here before I actually asked them.
Maybe we all have same problems. When things go wrong in our life and problems we experience they all come from the mind. If we respond to difficulties with a positive or peaceful mind, they will not be problems for us.


“Astitva” is something very important to be familiar with. It makes us know so many things that we do in our daily routine. We even don’t know the reality behind them. It makes us to think on all the things related to our nature and our activities that do throughout our life. Even our lifestyle must be based on all the things which we are aware of. Therefore, we have to realize all the things because realization of one’s existence is a must for living a peaceful life.


By joining “Astitva Ashram” I feel inner joy and peace. Meditation has helped me in increasing my patience level. It has also helped me to control anger to greater extent. It has given me the formula of staying happy.


“Acceptance” and “Let It Be” are the two keys of internal eternal joy which I have learned from the experiences through meditation. Meditation is not about understanding yourself, it is about feeling yourself, because when you feel yourself you shall enjoy each and every moment created by Astitva. Whether you are going through pain, or something hurting you, or you have a disease you will enjoy the pain, the hurt, the disease. At that time you shall realize you are connected to the universe and you are the part of the universe and whatsoever is happening is just to make you realize who you are and why you are here.


Beyond the materialistic world, I just believed there was a God who took care of us and only fulfilled our good wishes. But I was always disappointed when my wishes didn’t come true. I had tons of thoughts about the existence of God.
After coming in contact with ‘Astitva Ashram’ the confusions cleared. I came to know God is Existence that always stands with us in every circumstance. We must learn to accept every circumstance without expectations, since expectations lead to misery. I have also learnt that if we are against Existence, then we cannot know about our self and spiritual needs.
I strongly believe that we must work for inner joy and be as conscious for soul as material body.


आज से नौ साल पहले जब मैं कपिल सर के पास कोचिंग करने आई थी तब मुझे धयान के बारे में कुछ नहीं पता था । उस समय में बहुत अशांत थी । अशांत कहने का तात्पर्य है कि वह घटना जो हम चाहते है कि वह न घटे तो अशांत, पर यदि वह घट गई तो भी उससे शिकायत होना, उसके लिया भगवान को दोषी ठहराना । किसी भी बात को बिना शिकायत के सरलता से स्वीकार न करना।
पर जब मैं सर से मिली तब मैंने ध्यान सीखना प्रारंभ किया । ध्यान एक आत्मिक शांति है जो किसी विधि- विधान से बँधी हुई नहीं होती है । मैंने यही ध्यान सीखा कि जीवन को स्वीकार करो । इस स्वीकार से स्वतः आनंद मिलने लगता है । जैसे-जैसे स्वीकार गहराया, मैंने शिकायत करना कम कर दिया ।
अपने जीवन में हर चीज़ से, हर घटना से जो आनंद मिलता है वह बिलकुल अलग ही होता है । इसमें भी एक बात ध्यान रखने योग्य है कि हम यदि किसी चीज़ को स्वीकार कर रहे हैं तो उसे मजबूरी में स्वीकार न करें ज़ मज़बूरी में या किसी कारणवश स्वीकार की गई चीजों से ध्यान का अनुभव, आत्मिक शांति का अनुभव नहीं हो सकता ।


Firstly, I was in a closed room, full of depression, confusions, dissatisfaction; where I saw no way to escape. Nobody entered the room and helped me. The darkness increased day by day.
One day I saw a way to escape from the room. It was “Astitva”. After joining “Astitva”, I am able to enjoy life. Now I can feel the inner joy. I have started living for myself. I can feel the magic of existence. Whatever God does for us has a specific reason and we should accept things as they are. So one is able to avoid conflicts and can live a joyful life.


Excess of thoughts and confusion mess up many things in life and finally lead to disappointments. The person trapped in confusion expects his /her God to choose right path for him/her. But we alone can choose the right path for ourselves.
After joining Astitva, something helped me to accept worst circumstances in the life . Astitva helps us to know who we are. Also it helps me to learn and enjoy every bit of life and laugh without reason like a child.


It is all in us, but we have been ignoring it for many years. The facts told in meditation camp “Harmony: A Three-Day Retreat for Self-Discovery” were already known to the attendents. The thing is they never tried it. They had never done any experiment with the things they knew because it is disturbing.
The idea of Digital Aashram is fantabulous. We are teenagers and we cannot be with the any association or group for a long time because we are busy in searching for good jobs and those who are already in jobs have professional obligations to fulfil. But anybody can remain connected 24×7 to the Digital Ashram .
Meditation is a state of thoughtlessness, nothing else. It sounds so easy: Just don’t think. But believe me it is the hardest thing you will have ever tried.


I wonder how I couldn’t get to be a part of this sooner! This is soul awakening – e-Astitva Ashram. Such a beautiful fragrance of the flowers of Truth. Nothing but absolute truth! I’m indebted to Life that It introduced me to the Ashram. And going through it I can sense the seeds of several awakened generations, with the fragrance of the eternal guru-shishya relation in all directions.


Being a part of the Astitva Ashram has been a wonderful experience. Meditation has shown me inner beauty of my life. I was lost at one point of my life. Having started meditation, I was able to get over the problem. Now, I know what it is to live and enjoy life moment-to-moment. It has also helped me to control anger to a certain extent. Meditation has changed the way I look at things. I am really thankful to Kapil sir who made me a part of the Ashram.


ज़िन्दगी क्या है यह मुझे कपिल भैया ने बताया । इस ज़िन्दगी के सही मायने क्या हैं उन्होंने मुझे सिखाया । ध्यान वह माध्यम है जिससे मैं स्वयं से मिला । भीड़-भाड़ से भरी इस दुनिया में स्वयं को ढूंढ़ पाना ज़्यादा मुश्किल नहीं था । बस ध्यान की अँगुली पकड़ कर मैं यहाँ तक पहुँच गया । और अब इस पार खड़े होकर वक़्त को चलते देखता हूँ । हर रोज़ मिलने वाले नए-नए चेहरों की तरह वक़्त के पास भी मेरे लिए कुछ नया होता है । उसे स्वीकार कर अपने कर्म की ओर अग्रसर हो जाता हूँ ।
अपने आप में समेटे गहरी ख़ामोशी सा
जो मिलाता है किनारों से बिछड़े प्रेमी सा
पेड़ों की शांत बेलों सा
हर बार मुझे मोड़ लक्ष्य की तरफ़
वक़्त चलता जाता है
वक़्त चलता जाता है…


मेरी कपिल सर से मुलाकात उस वक़्त हुई जब मैं बहुत डिप्रेसन से गुजर रहा था। मेरे जीवन में भी ऐसा एक दौर गुज़रा है जब इस डिप्रेसन ने मुझे सब तरफ से घेर लिया था| बाकी सबकी तरह मेरे लिए भी पहले ये एक शब्द मात्र ही था जो कहीं किसी लेख में या अख़बार में यदा-कदा पढ़ लिया करता था और ये ही सोचता था भला मैं कभी इसकी चपेट में कैसे आ सकता हूँ और कैसे लोग ऐसी हालत तक पहुँच जाते हैं जहाँ आत्महत्या तक कर सकते हैं | कपिल सर से मिलने के बाद मैंने ये जाना की जीवन क्या है।प्रेम क्या है।ध्यान क्या है। अस्तित्व आश्रम से जुड़ने के बाद ही मैंने सही जीवन को जाना। प्रकृति को जाना। प्रेम को जाना।ध्यान को जाना।


मैंने ध्यान के द्वारा जीवन की विपरीत परिस्थितियों – सफलता-असफलता, सुख-दुख में संतुलन में रहना सीखा है | ध्यान के द्वारा प्रकृति के मौन का आनंद एवं उसमें छुपे संगीत का अनुभव किया जा सकता है | मुझे लगता है कि आज के विज्ञान के युग में विज्ञानं तथा मौन का एक अद्भुत गठजोड़ है |बड़ी से बड़ी खोज, आविष्कार प्रकृति के मौन से ही प्राप्त हुए हैं | बचपन से ही मुझे ध्यान के बारे में जानने की लालसा रही है | मेरा सौभाग्य था कि बचपन से ही मोनू भैया का सानिध्य प्राप्त हुआ | उनके स्वयं के अनुभव एवं मार्गदर्शन द्वारा ही मुझे आध्यात्मिक शांति एवं संतुष्टि का अनुभव प्राप्त हुआ | ध्यान की लालसा में मैंने जहाँ कहीं भी देखा उनके द्वारा बताई गई विधियाँ मुझे कहीं न कहीं, किसी न किसी रुप में प्राप्त हुईं | मेरा यह अनुभव रहा है कि उनके द्वारा बताई गई ध्यान की विधियां विशुद्ध रूप में है जिनके द्वारा मैं अस्तित्व की खोज में तथा आध्यात्मिक ज्ञान प्राप्त करने के लिए प्रयासरत हूँ | आज मैंने जितनी भी आध्यात्मिक प्रगति की है उसमें प्रारब्ध के बाद मोनू भैया का ही योगदान है |


Before I joined the Astitva team, I was just a robot. I was a new student to DAV UNIVERSITY. When I attended the first lecture of Dr. Kapil, I realized that something was missing in my education. The education I had received at school was just a formality, it had no connection to real life. The teachers taught me, I crammed the whole material and that’s it. Even when I gave speeches and did declamations in schools, I just spoke words and did nothing practically. After meeting Dr. Kapil, I realized there is more and more which I have to learn if I want to become really educated. So I joined Astitva team. Astitva team organizes diverse programmes to create awareness among people not only about their inner selves but also the world around.
In the last two years with Kapil sir, I have seen remarkable changes happening in me. It feels like a new birth.


It was a great moment for me when I joined Astitva family. Dr kapil has taught me wonderful things beyond life. Digital Ashram is doing a great job and being a part of it is a great achievement for me. I hope as it has helped me develop my personality the same way it is also helping others.


I believe in living for others.I have always wanted to do something for others. I want to serve nature, nation, and humanity from the core of my heart and dedication, in every possible manner I can. Digital Ashram gave me an opportunity to do so! It’s really a blessing to be part of it!