Meditation and Time Management

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Yesterday, a fellow meditator visited me. He was very enthusiastic about meditation and he was wishing that if he had a regular source of income, he would be able to devote seven hours a day to meditation. I simply told him, “You don’t have seven hours right now, but at least you have seven minutes. You can spare seven minutes a day for meditation. And if you can take out seven minutes for meditation, rest assured that one day you will have seven hours, even the whole day for meditation.”
But we go on putting conditions, we go on blaming the circumstances for not being able to meditate. We always try that somehow things should be different, that things are not conductive,that people or place are not favourable for meditation. So if I were in a certain place, with certain people, I would meditate. That is how we go on avoiding meditation. This is our pet excuse. We always believe that we have certain commitments. Those commitments are the barriers. We don’t want to accept our own responsibility. We always believe that somebody else is responsible for our growth. Somebody’s presence or somebody absence is a prerequisite.
As long as this attitude remains, there is no possibility of meditation. Meditation is all about the inner change. It is what we call inner alchemy. The art of inner transformation. So obviously,the tools and the instruments, and the laboratory for this inner science is already inside; and all we need – all the raw materials, all the conditions, everything – has already been provided. We just have to realise it.
Take a stock of your daily routine. How do you spend your time? And when you observe it, you will definitely find that there is a lot of time that you waste doing absolutely silly, stupid things or at best unproductive things. Just imagine those people who go to their offices, work places by bus or by train. They have plenty of time. They can simply close their eyes and meditate. Even while waiting on a train, one can simply close one’s eyes and relax. But you must have seen people getting so fidgety. They are just looking in the direction of train, as if by being so excited they could actually pull the train to their platform. Those are the moments when one should relax. What do we do instead? We waste that time in creating more trouble inside ourselves. We become so restless. You must have seen people cursing everybody: railway minister, TC, train driver, just everybody because the train is late. And they never realise that by being anxious, by cursing others, they cannot change the time of the train.
Life gives plenty of time for meditation. See when you are boiling milk, you can easily be a witness to this whole process. It is so simple. Just be there. But even with the boiling milk, we are so impatient. We want milk to boil in an instant. The moment we turn on the gas, we want milk to boil the next moment. In how many ways, in how many places, in how many circumstances we perfectly know that there is time and meditation is such a simple thing: we just have to be. You are filling the bucket in your washroom and the tap is slow, you get excited.Somehow you want that bucket to fill in an instant. These are the moments when one can be calm.
Remember, if you have to travel everyday one hour to your workplace, that one hour is going to be there. No matter how much you hurry, how much you get tensed about it, you cannot shorten the distance. You will reach there when you reach there every day. So the moment you start from home, why can’t you make it a point to be just conscious? Be a witness. Be now and here, now and here, wherever you are. And because we go on missing such abundant time, we go on complaining also. As a result, whatever time is available with us even that we lose. So what good is it worrying about reaching a place very quickly? One, you never reach there quickly, you will take time. Two,even if you made it to the place earlier, you would risk your life and the life of others also. Three, even if you reached there early, you would find yourself in another confusion: what to do with the saved time?
So there is plenty of time with all of us. It is said that meditation is a sadhna. It is not a luxury. It is tapashcharya, one has to persevere. One has to spend every single moment available on it. Therefore, whenever you keep lamenting for the lack of time, you begin to realise that whatever time was given to you even that is taken away from you. Jesus, in the Bible, says that,“Whosoever has, will be given more, and one who seems to have less even that will be taken away from him.” Those who have, will be given more and those who don’t seem to have, will lose whatever they have got. If you apply this to your time management, you will realise that when you start making use of every single moment, you all of a sudden feel that there is plenty of time, that time goes on multiplying, that the same twenty-four hour long day has turned very roomy, it has got a lot of space. Those who have will be given more. Once you realise that you have time, you’ll be given more time; and if you go on lamenting, whatever little you have will be taken away from you.
So time is never a problem, problem is your mind, problem is our excuses, problem is self-deception. You go on deceiving ourselves and when you are so trained in deceiving yourselves, you don’t even realise that how much you are destroying yourself, how much you are wasting yourself. This is the worst part of self-deception, because when others deceive you, you can still protect yourself because danger is outside, but when you deceive yourself, when you are your own enemy then the danger is inside. Who is going to save you? Who is going to save you from yourself? When you are hell bent on ruining your life who can help you? Those who make such excuses that lack of time or nature of their job or people they live with, they make meditation impossible for them, these people are their own enemies. They are against themselves.
Remember, self-deception is the greatest harm you can do to yourself. There is a proverb in English:“There are none so blind as those who will not see.” If you have closed your eyes and refuse to open them, you can never see the truth. If you are not asleep and have simply closed your eyes, nobody can ever wake you up because you are pretending. One who is asleep can still wake-up. But one who is pretending to be asleep will never wake up. When you praise an idiot as an intellectual person, at-least you know that you are lying. The others may not know it, others may take it seriously, truthfully. But at-least you know that it is untruth. But when you praise yourself and when you start believing the falsehood about yourself, when you start believing those lies about yourself you are done for. And this lack of time is same kind of destructive excuse.
There are people who are busy playing cards, reading meaningless news items in the newspapers, gossiping about others’ lives, all kinds of political gibberish. They have time for everything, but they do not have time for themselves. One who is serious, one who is sincere about knowing oneself must realise one thing that one has to see, one has to be aware, one has to be conscious that life has to be very clearly defined for oneself and nobody can do it for you, you have to do it yourself and be aware of this self-deception.
You have caused yourself enough harm. Now it is time you wake up. You have to learn to manage time for meditation and once you try this, you will be gifted with ample time. And once your meditation deepens, for the first time you will realise, that meditation is the best manager of time. You have been struggling with the time management. You have taken resolutions to wake up timely. Many of you drafted time tables for yourselves. But nothing works. Because without meditation time cannot be managed. So manage time for meditation, and once it is done meditation will manage time for everything in your life.

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