Why is Early Morning So Fresh?

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Everyday around the nightfall traffic eases off. There are fewer and fewer vehicles on the roads. As a result, pollution levels come down. As the night deepens, gaseous emissions go down further. Nature’s purifier is always at work. Trees and plants absorb these emissions, purify them, and release fresh air back into the atmosphere. This is the reason the early morning is fresh and pleasant. It is the greatest tonic there is. Just take a few breaths and you will feel great energy. It will relax the entire inner mechanism. It has such a soothing effect on strain, tension, anxiety. Everything calms down just by breathing fresh air. You feel healthy. See the magic!
Certain people believe that the reason why early morning feels fresh is sleep. After a long sleep, we feel light. Tiredness is gone, limbs are relaxed. Hence, we feel this coolness. But just try to observe: even if you stay awake the whole night, you will feel fresh early in the morning. The reason is this fresh air. In fact, if you are conscious, you will feel that as the night progresses, the mood of the atmosphere changes from heavier to lighter, from suffocating to energizing. Why does it happen? It happens because the pollution, the poison is being reduced. On the contrary, when you take sleep in the daytime and you wake up after that sleep, you will feel less tired, of course; but again, the atmosphere around will still be very heavy. Why? The air is still laden with poison. So you will feel heavy even after a long sleep. And if you live in a densely polluted area, you will feel a constant headache, even nauseating. This happens because of unclean air. Those who are not in the habit of getting early in the morning they feel this headache all the time simply because nothing fresh has ever gone inside. Therefore, we can conclude that the reason for freshness of early morning has less to do with sleep and much more to do with the purified fresh air.
You might have read or heard that meditators, sages, seekers always prefer natural places. We feel that they go to such places because there is peace around. There is less of disturbance so they can concentrate, they can meditate easily. This is one reason for sure. However, there is more to it. In natural places, they feel a cooling freshness all the time, and that freshness is in tune with their inner coolness. In this way, meditation gives them inner coolness and outside trees and plants purify air for them. So they live constantly in a cool, pleasant, light atmosphere.
Apart from these physical factors like emissions, there is something para-physical involved in creating early morning freshness. You see, like physical pollution, i.e. gaseous, poisonous substances, there is mental pollution also. This mental pollution is created by our negative thinking. If you observe your own life and the those of others around, you will feel that most of the time they are negative: they are jealous, they are always complaining, talking ill of others, conspiring against others, leg-pulling, backbiting, speculating, judgements, Just like heavy vehicles, we also produce the emissions of negative vibrations. Because majority of the people are doing it, the whole mental atmosphere around us is heavily poisoned.
What happens that by the time we go to sleep the atmosphere is heavily contaminated with these vibrations. But as we go to sleep, the mind is less active. Secondly, there are less and less of emissions. As the night deepens and we go deeper into sleep, these emissions start dissipating, fading, and eventually they die down. When we wake up early in the morning, we wake up in a positive atmosphere. Atmosphere is cool, silent, joyful. It is joyful because those mental emissions have dissipated.
This is the reason we are advised to meditate early in the morning, because when we meditate early in the morning meditation easily deepens. The silent atmosphere around facilitates the inner coolness to grow fast. We are also advised to do workout or Yoga early in the morning for this reason only. In any exercise, we breathe deeply, and when we breathe deeply the more and more oxygen goes inside. If it is fresh oxygen, it will make us healthy, it will strengthen us. But if we work out in the evening, if go for an evening walk, particularly evening jogging, it does us no good. In fact, it is harmful because the more the body works, the more oxygen it needs, and the more of polluted air it breaths in. And that same tonic which works in the morning turns into poison. Therefore, remember always one thing: make the best of your early morning, because it is not only going to make you physically healthy, but mentally healthy too.

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