Is Love Blind?

Yes, love is blind because love does not have outer eyes, it has inner eyes. Love has insight, it does not have outsight. With the physical eyes, we can see only the body, only that which is made of physical elements, only that which is made of matter; but with inner eyes, we can see that which is made of consciousness, that which is beyond body. As a lover goes deeper and deeper into love, he starts seeing that which is not limited to body, which is beyond. This is why, we say love is blind.
Love is blind not because it has lost sight. It is blind because it has gained a new sight.
Have you ever seen a drunkard? Deep drunk, intoxicated, with his eyes closed, he is enjoying something deep inside. This is why, his eyes are closed. A lover is like a drunkard. He has also drunk the wine of love and his eyes are closed because he is intoxicated. He starts living in a new world that is completely different from one we see around us. He in a way becomes an alien to our world. He disappears, his body remains but his essence disappears. It vanishes into another realm, into another dimension. He is almost unconscious to this world around us. For him, this world does not exist. This is why, we call him blind.
And perhaps he calls us blind too. He also wonders why we cannot see what he sees. He perhaps wonders why we are so much attached to these physical eyes and why are we missing so much that is visible to inner eyes . Different people have different logic. A lover’s logic is different. It is the logic of non-logic. A lover never is a logician. He does not discuss things. He does not analyse love. He does not speculate. He investigates into love. He lives love. He loves to love. It is said seeing is believing. We can believe what we see and something that is not visible to us cannot be believed because then its existence cannot be proved. But in the world of love, feeling is believing, to feel is to believe. So if you can feel what you love, you can be sure about its existence. It is the feeling that decides whether a particular thing or a particular person exists or not. And if you can feel the person, it is absolutely unimportant whether you can see the person or not. In fact, in the world of love seeing is not believing. What you see is changing, is going to disappear one day, and what is going to disappear one day what does it matter whether it exists today or not? So what does it matter if you see your beloved? If you cannot feel her, if you cannot experience her, if you cannot live her, this seeing is valueless. Just try to understand this: if you can feel the person anywhere, just anywhere, then she exists truly. But if seeing is believing, the moment a person goes out of sight, he cannot be believed in, his existence is under doubt. And if you can feel the person, whether the person exists physically is irrelevant.
Lovers are strange people. Even when they are together, even when they are seeing each other, they close their eyes. That is what we mean by love is blind. Not that love does not want to see this physical existence. The physical, too, is beautiful. It has its own joy. But this joy is very temporary, it is very fleeting, it is there this moment and it can disappear any moment.
Once you start feeling love, you feel it is limitless, it is infinite. We have heard all these stories about love that love is infinite, love is eternal. But what we see is very limited, finite. Infinite cannot be seen with outer eyes, infinite can be seen only with inner eyes. And the one who has got these inner eyes chooses to remain blind outwardly because outward world does not matter. The lover becomes blind to this world because he has begun to enjoy a different kind of reality.

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