Terrace Gardening

In our fast shrinking world, space is the most expensive commodity. And where there is little room to breathe and sleep, a private garden must be a luxury. It is a sad fact for the lovers of both nature and environment. But we cannot give in to it; we should look for some space.
Where can one get it? Well, one doesn’t have to go far, one’s terrace will perfectly do (provided s/he is not living in an apartment).The idea of terrace gardening is not new. However, it has been adopted by few. Even thickly crowded and fatally polluted areas have ignored its value. To my mind, terrace gardening can partly meet the need for a fresh, pure and beautiful environment.
I caught the first picture of a terrace garden in the movie Just Like Heaven. It was truly fascinating. For a few moments I forget blinking. The whole area was decked up with plants and flowers of unimaginable beauty! Part of the place was paved with colourful stones. A perfect sanctuary for silence and solitude! To be sure, one can learn some good tips from the movie for gardening.
There are infinite ways in which we can design a terrace garden. Flowerpots of various shapes and sizes can be arrayed artistically. A garden is lifeless without grass. So some space should be set aside for it. A thin layer of soil can be laid on it to grow grass. Moreover, arbours will be simply the icing on the cake. Drape them with some vines and see the effect. It will not only adorn the place dramatically, but add grace and elegance to it also.
Terrace garden can cater to body as much as to mind and heart. What about growing vegetables here? One can get a fresh supply of such vegetables as tomatoes, coriander, chillies, spinach, etc. Their quantity may be scanty but one can enjoy the flavour of purity that is a rarity nowadays.
Furthermore, a garden is a favourite hangout of birds of all hues. Imagine them building their nests and raising their pretty families! Chirping early in the morning to wish good morning to the dawn! Sometimes, singing their melodies at the background while you sit under the full moon and savour the sweet smell of the flowers! Imagine the fragrant kiss of the breeze waking you up out of your trance, only to deepen it further!
Any labour is worth it to live just a fraction of what is written here, isn’t it?

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