How to Overcome Boredom?

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Once a student shared with me that ever since he had started observing life a new dimension had opened. And it was so refreshing! His otherwise bored life seemed transformed. He became very joyful. He could not explain this joy, he just knew that it was coming from very ordinary things. Like, he once a squirrel playing with itself mesmerized him. On another occasion, a pair of parrots playing with each other. (He assumed that they were lovers; their playfulness fired his imagination.) Such simple things! And he said that these things had always been there, but he had failed to notice them.
Have you forgotten to observe such simple things? If yes, then your life is bound to be boring. Most people are totally cut off from nature. They have heard a lot about natural living, being close to nature. However, these much-talked about benefits are not part of their experience simply because they find it inconvenient to give up the comforts and luxuries of modern lifestyle and take a solitary stroll into nature.
Even when people are urged by love of nature and plan out to seek its company, they do it as crowds. You must have noticed tourist spots stuffed with people. Strange, people take with them what they want to avoid: crowd. The whole city goes to distant places to seek some moments of solitude. The jungle turns into a mall. Obviously, it delights no one. They find no peace, no calmness, no relief from the general rush of everyday routine. They remain exhausted, unfulfilled. Utter boredom reigns their minds.
Then they draw a misleading conclusion that “refreshing nature” is just a myth, much like love. Why waste time then?
Give nature another try. This time, all alone, both physically and mentally. Do not take anyone along when you wish to ramble in a jungle or swim in a river. Secondly, empty your mind of all ideas/opinions, to the extent possible. Go fresh! And feel alive!

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