Don’t be Positive, Be Total

Self-help books sell like hot cakes. They can be found on the shelves of any half- way decent library. There are positivist priests who go on preaching on the virtue of thinking positively. Have you tried any “Be-Positive Therapy”? Does it work? For many, it does; but for a moment. Just like smoking, it puts our worries and tensions to sleep, and as soon as the effect is over, the bees are again buzzing in the bonnet.
In fact ‘Be Positive Therapy’ is anti-life. To insist on thinking positively always is against life. Those who teach to look at the bright side of everything, what are they doing? They are telling us to refuse night and accept only the day. How is it possible? Positive thinking causes a kind of split in our mind. It forces us to live life half-heartedly, to accept only one half of life. And how can one look at only bright side, when the dark side is already there? The whole effort not to look at the dark side makes it more prominent in our thinking.
Those who go on trying to be positive are, in fact, very negative people. They are negative simply because they are against life. They are living a very unnatural life because life consists of two poles, you cannot avoid one pole. Life moves between these two poles: the negative and the positive. How can one remain clung to one pole only. And if one desires so, one is bound to stagnate because then one will lose the movement. Life is a flow between the two poles. This is why “Be Positive Therapy” always fails. It is bound to.
All the same, we see people who appear to be very positive. They are not, in fact, positive; they are simply total in their attitude towards life. They accept life as it is. So they simply appear to be positive, they just live totally. Many people think me to be a positive person. But when I tell them that I am not positive, I am simply not negative they are confused, because to them it is one and the same thing: being positive or not being negative. What does it matter? It does. I am saying that I am not trying to be positive, to me simply there is nothing negative; life comes as it does. So I accept life joyfully. Once you do it there is nothing negative. So you are bound to appear positive to the world. The truth is that you know because there is nothing negative for you, you have dropped the negative. And with the negative the positive too has dropped on its own. Both are gone and now you live life totally.
And there is a magic in this acceptance. You see we avoid suffering. We try to run away from our suffering. Eckhart Tolle says, “Suffering is mental, only pain is physical.” We suffer because we interpret situations. We form opinions about people, about situations, about circumstances. This is why we suffer. So suffering is only a mental phenomena, only pain is physical. Therefore, as soon as one lives life in totality, this totality, this acceptance calms him down. It soothes his suffering because acceptance means there are no complaints, so there is no suffering. Totality cools one down, cures one’s suffering. The agitated mind is at rest. It does improve body’s capacity to heal fast because coolness itself is the greatest cure for anything.
Totality brings this coolness whereas positive thinking agitates the mind. It deprives us of all kinds of joy. Let us take an example: positive thinking means there is always a desire for the rest, one does not want to be tired. One works simply with his eyes at the rest, at the future joy. Now one who does not know the depth of tiredness can never know the joy of rest also. Reflect on it: only he can enjoy rest who is tired. He accepts tiredness, then he enjoys rest too. But positive thinking means pass these moments of tiredness, somehow. They are a burden, tolerate them. And this half-hearted living takes away the joy of rest also because one who has not lived tiredness intensely can never live rest intensely either. This way life becomes lukewarm.
Positive thinking deprives us of depth whereas totality teaches us acceptance. One who knows the beauty of acceptance will know the blessing of rest also. So live life totally, accept everything joyfully. Then you will know the miracle life is.