Emotional Mathematics

Do aur do ka jod hamesha char kahan hota hai
Soch samajh walon ko thodi nadani de maula
(The sum of two and two is not always four
O Lord, bless the calculating minds with some naivety )

It is generally understood that emotions and mathematics are poles apart. One is ruled by impulse; the other by logic. Surprisingly, emotions, too, follow their own mathematical system that is quite different from general mathematics (GN). Let us learn how this emotional mathematics (EM) functions.
In GN, when a number, say 3, is added to itself, the total is twice the number, i.e. 3 + 3 = ( 2 times 3 ) = 6. But when an emotion, say love, is added to an equal degree of love, it is not doubled but multiplied, i.e. love + love ≠ 2 times love but = love times love. As for division, a number divided by itself results in 1, i.e. 3 ÷ 3 = 1.But an emotion divided by itself results in 0, i.e. confidence÷confidence=0 (total loss of confidence). Furthermore, the most intriguing of all operations of EM is subtraction. When a number is subtracted from itself 0 is left behind, but when an emotion is subtracted from itself the result is its anti-emotion. Therefore, 3-3=0, not anti-3, i.e. -3, but love-love≠0 but anti-love, i.e. hate. That is why when tow persons fall for each other, they feel their personal love has grown manifold owning to the presence of the other. However, the parting does not leave them merely empty, but, ironically, fill them up with hatred against each other. This is how love-hate relationship works. Moreover, in GM, when a number is taken away from a greater number the latter is reduced. For example, when 3 is taken away from 4, 4 is reduced to 1. However, in EM, subtraction operates in two ways: either lesser quantity of an emotion can be taken away from the greater quantity of the same emotion or the greater quantity can give away something to the lesser one on its own free will. Then the greater is not diminished, but nourished. Therefore, when love is taken away from a source the source is impoverished, on the contrary when the source freely gives it, it gets nourished. Greater love – lesser love (taken away)= reduced love and greater love (given away) – lesser love = enriched love.
I believe that a little understanding of EM can be useful in managing one’s emotional wealth. So when you are joyful add some joy to your heart and it will be multiplied and when there is misery, divide it by not paying attention to it and it will be no more.

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