Cukoo and the Joy of Solitude

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As spring sets in, the sweet song of the cuckoo, flowing from some solitary corner, catches our ear. It is one bird’s show; there is no accompaniment, no flock chorus. Many a time I wondered about the secret of melodious cuckoo concert. Then one day it clicked: it is the joy of solitude that flowers into the bird’s musical charm. The cuckoo never sings in a group; it is always a solo performer.
            It gives us some clue as to why our own lives are so unmelodious. Our lives are so crowded, aren’t they? Our minds are crowded, like the coaches of Mumbai local, with worthless thoughts and hopeless dreams. Step out of the mind, and we are surrounded with friends and relatives and colleagues. When do we ever spend time with ourselves? Hardly ever. Why? We are such utter strangers to ourselves that the moment we try to communicate with our inner being, a dreading emptiness faces us. Watch it: even when we think we are alone we are in fact not alone; we are always mentally occupied with one thought or the other. Complete thoughtless silence is the real solitude that is the fountain of joy. How often have you lived this silence? Rarely. Right? This explains the lack of joy in human life.
            Taste mindlessness (mindlessness, which is a state of inner silence, should not be confused with craziness). Those who can empty themselves will be fulfilled. This is one of the deepest paradoxes of existence. Emptiness is the door to fulfillment. This is what Jesus means when he says: “But many that are first shall be last; and the last shall be first (to enter the kingdom of heaven).” Those who become empty, nobodies will be blessed with the inner kingdom of heavenly joy. Then they can also sing the song of solitude celebrating the spring of life.

Crowd is noise. Solitude is joy.

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