Creativity and Junk Food

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Almost the whole world is obsessed with junk food. Be a party or picnic, or any other occasion whatsoever, JF is a must. The junk lovers cannot do without it despite the statutory warning (as on the packets of cigarettes) that JF is harmful for body. No matter how loudly one talks about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, they won’t listen. Obviously, we should not assume that they want to ruin their health, but they cannot simply help it. It appears that fast food goes well with their “fast life”. Others argue that something crunchy, spicy, or fizzy is good to set them up after a stressful job. Some have junk for a change, others for kicks. However, despite all these excuses/arguments, there is no denying the fact that JF causes serious physical problems. Therefore, fresher measures are called for to tackle the issue.

            Most of what has been discussed over the issue is based on medicinal grounds. By and large, diet literature is the first point of reference in any discussion over JF. Dietitians argue that JF undermines the nutrition needs of the body and damages immune system. JF lovers, too, are aware of these facts and they won’t cause any wilful injury to themselves. Yet they cannot keep JF off.

            In fact, the issue is more psychological than physical. Most of us suffer from a disease called boredom that grows out of inner loneliness. The root cause is our humdrum routine. Our lives have turned into treadmills with little room for any sort of creativity in it. As a result, we are filled with a sense of emptiness. In order to take our minds off it, we always want some nosh to munch on. It tickles taste buds and the void is forgotten. But it is all too shallow and short-lived. The emptiness pops up after an interval and asks to be quenched again. It is as addictive as smoking or drinking. The only difference is that it is a slower poison. Further, eating junk is a form of entertainment also. As TV works a treat to get over boredom, so does JF. But at bottom, both are mere means to ignore a simple truth: we need a deep and lasting fulfillment.

            Creativity can be of tremendous value here. It is a perennial source of undying delight. What we create in turn creates us. When a sculptor carves out a stone, a certain beauty is shaped up inside him/her. When a poet composes a song s/he discovers there is music in the heartbeat. The creator and the creation feed each other. The two give birth to each other. What can equal such a unique and overwhelming experience?
Even a dollop of creativity can do wonders. Not only can it nourish our minds but can give us a taste of our deep, hidden selves. In other words, it can help us know what we are. Through it, we can also learn that solitude is blissful. Then one would eat as and when body needs.Needless to say, creativity can go a long way to build a healthy human society. So let’s create something, and let’s not forget to admire those who do.

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